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Past Venues

Here are a few of the venues at which I’ve performed:

Neutral Ground Coffeehouse    New Orleans, LA

The Listening Room Cafe    Nashville, TN

Malarkey’s Pub    Wausau, WI

Concert at 1st UU Church    Wausau, WI

Donn’s Depot  -  guest of Chris Gage    Austin, TX

North Congregational UCC    Columbus, OH

Square Café  Regent Square-Pittsburgh, PA

Geyer Performing Arts Center  Scottdale, PA

Hambones  Lawrenceville-Pittsburgh, PA

East End Food Co-op Art Harvest  Point Breeze-Pittsburgh, PA

DownUnder Coffeehouse  Northside-Pittsburgh, PA

The Hard Rock Cafe  Station Square-Pittsburgh, PA

Photo by Thorne Hays

photography:  Kirsten Räther