Wednesday, March 30, 2011                                                   ”We Need More Babies!

Ben Rainey, Jack Busch and I, along with special guest singers Kate Hammill & Jeanne Herbert, had a blast at our March 19 Hambone’s Pub gig.....and then Jack became a daddy!  Miles Anton Busch was born Sunday morning, March 20, after attending the concert with mom Betsy in utero.  Papa Jack said he “must’ve heard the music and decided to join the party!”  Best wishes always to Miles, Betsy & Jack. 

It was Terry Miller who said “we need more babies,”’s true.  May we all look at our children as the young universes of possibility that they are.

Radio Wrap-Up:  Though the “Joe Pye Weed” radio campaign is officially over, good news keeps coming in from Lisa Grey.  Thanks again to all the wonderful radio hosts who took the time to listen and spin, and continue to spin songs from the album--over 110 stations in about 30 states, and on syndicated shows UnderCurrents and Rich Warren’s The Midnight Special.

Monday, March 14, 2011                                                   ”Weeds Seeds On the Air

My USA Americana Radio campaign with Lisa Grey of Blue River Promotions is nearly completed, and she sure did one heck of a job!  “Joe Pye Weed” made it to #90 in the Americana radio rankings on March 11, 2011 and has been played in most of the 50 states and in several countries.  Among her notable accomplishments were snagging a place on Lufthansa Airlines’ Folk/Americana/Country station for all international flights for a period of 2 months for the track “I’m Gonna Be the Wind,” and play on the nationally syndicated (77 stations) public radio program UnderCurrents.  Thank you so much folk, country, and Americana radio programmers (many of whom are volunteers!) who took the time to listen and spin, thank you Lisa, and special thanks to major underwriter Terry Miller.

Monday, January 24, 2011                                                   ”Feels Like the First Time

What a great time I had at my first live performance together with bass player Jack Busch and guitarist Ben Rainey!  Check out their bios here.  Thanks to Rush Miller of the University of Pittsburgh Library System & Donna Isaac of Calliope Folk Music Society for sponsoring the Emerging Legends Concerts at The Cup & Chaucer, and to Terry Miller for getting us all together.

Monday, December 13, 2010                                       ”Hooking up can be a Good Thing...

~ On Tuesday 12/7, I had the wonderful experience of performing in Wes Mayer’s showcase at The Listening Room in Nashville with some mighty fine players:  Sam Hunter (acoustic guitar) and Austin Valentine (percussion) of The Least of Your Worries, Anthony Valentine (upright bass), and Kenzie Wetz (fiddle).  Jimmy provided great sound in the venue, and I had the pleasure of meeting hit songwriter Steve Dean, and hearing a fabulous throw-back holiday trio, the North Pole Patrol--check them out!

~ I will soon be gigging in Pittsburgh with guitar player Ben Rainey and bass player Jack Busch.  Ben
is a classical guitarist/teacher who also plays in the prog rock band Kalon.  Jack is a freelance writer/editor/blogger with rock band experience on guitar and bass, and many interesting observations.  Our first Pittsburgh date thus far is Jan 21, part of Calliope’s Emerging Legends series.  More dates will be added soon--please see Shows page.  Thank you, Terry!

Monday, November 15, 2010                                              ”Opening Pandora’s Box...

~ “Joe Py
e Weed” has been accepted into Pandora’s Music Genome Project, and will be available on Pandora Internet Radio in approximately two months.  48 million people in the USA listen to Pandora:  “...personalized internet radio that is designed to help you discover new music you'll love mixed in with music you already know.”

Monday, November 1, 2010                                     ”Sometimes one needs Professional Help...

~ Terry Miller is now my Booking & Management Agent.  Terry has extensive experience in organizational start-ups, networking, event planning, and management.  Currently the Director of the Institute of Politics at the University of Pittsburgh, in 1989 Terry founded POWER, a residential and outpatient program that has helped thousands of Pennsylvania women to reclaim their lives from alcohol and drug addiction.  Contact Terry Miller for booking/management inquiries.

~ Lisa Grey of Blue River Promotions, New York will begin a national radio promotion campaign for the “Joe Pye
Weed” CD in January, 2011.  Lisa has a successful history of promoting quality emerging and established artists including Red Molly, Albert & Gage, and Rebecca Loebe.  The campaign begins Jan 10, with an Americana reporting “Add Date” of Jan 31, and includes non-commercial, commercial, terrestrial, satellite, and internet radio stations.  Radio personnel:  contact Lisa Grey to receive your CD.

~ Joe Hunter of Perfect Pitch Nashville and Wes Mayers of Redline Entertainment, Nashville are teaming up to promote my
songwriting, performing, and the “Joe Pye Weed” CD to the Music City community.  Joe is a songwriter & song plugger whose own songs have charted 10 times on Billboard’s Top 100 (including a gold record w/Reba McEntire), and who has represented such successful songwriters as  Tony Arata (“The Dance”) and Jimmy Griffin (“For All We Know”).  Wes worked in television and video in Los Angeles, then came to Nashville to help launch songwriter/recording artists Craig Morgan and Rodney Atkins, among others.

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photography:  Kirsten Räther