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photography:  Kirsten Räther

Free Download           I’m Better Off Without You”

No, this song is NOT about my ex....

but it never would have been written without her.  She called me up from work one day, in utter exasperation after dealing with a very annoying employee, "BJ, write a country song about this:  My life would be better off without you!"

I was lukewarm to the idea, until the hook came to me while washing the dishes.  (I have a notion it came straight from my corny country music lovin' mother on the other side....)  A star-crossed lover experience or two helped flesh out the story, and co-writer
Davy Sturtevant put the icing on the cake with the perfectly twisted lyrics of the final chorus, and the music for the bridge.  He himself is the whimsical lead guitarist.

~ STREAM w/No Strings ~

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